Prince George’s County officer helps calm autistic man by joining him in jam session

Music soothes the soul-- especially when you have a guitar buddy to enjoy it with.

On Sunday morning, a mother in Landover, Maryland called for assistance with her 23-year-old son named Kameron, according to a Facebook post from Prince George's County Police Department.

Along with being autistic, Kameron is diagnosed with a mental health disorder and was having a very rough morning.

Corporal Payamps was one of the responding officers and noticed that Kameron had several musical instruments. The pair struck up conversation and that is when the Corporal learned Kameron was a gifted musician.

It wasn’t long before he asked the officer if he’d like to play music together.

In a heartwarming video captured by Kameron’s mother, the duo rocked out in a jam session that helped ease the 23-year-old until additional assistance arrived at the home.