Prince George's County judge files suit against peers, alleges conspiracy and harassment

A Prince George's County judge, charged with misconduct, is now accusing her colleagues of retaliation in a federal lawsuit.

In August, FOX 5 told you about Prince George's County Circuit Judge April Ademiluyi facing misconduct allegations, including failing to be impartial on the bench. 

Now, she is suing her fellow judges along with former Chief Judge Sheila Tillerson Adams, claiming that they are conspiring against her.

Judge Ademiluyi amended her federal lawsuit this week, accusing her colleagues of forging her signature on a court order. 

She also accuses a fellow judge of conspiring to sabotage her after she rejected his sexual advances, but she does not provide any details or evidence that the incident occurred in the suit. 


Prince George's County judge accused of misconduct, failing to maintain impartiality

A Prince George's County judge is facing charges of misconduct from the Commission on Judicial Disabilities, including bias against a man on trial for rape.

Ademiluyi is facing multiple charges of misconduct. 

Last summer, the Maryland Commission on Judicial Disabilities charged her with failing to perform her judicial duties impartially and engaging in inappropriate conduct during a criminal trial. 

She denies the charges.

In November, the commission filed new charges against her – this time alleging that she "engaged in repeated, non-consensual harassing communications of a personal nature with a judicial colleague" and used threatening language in communications with that colleague. 

Ademiluyi filed a formal denial of those charges with the commission that is available to the public. But she complains in her lawsuit that the commission redacted much of her denial without her permission.

A spokesperson for the court declined to comment on a pending matter. 

Judge Ademiluyi also declined to comment. 

There will be a hearing before the commission on the new misconduct charges against her but that hearing has not yet been scheduled.

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