Prince George's County haunted house ranked top in Maryland

After a year-long rest, haunted attractions have risen from the dead and the scariest one of them all is located in Laurel, MD.

According to an article by FrightFind, Laurel's House of Horror has been named "Top Haunted House" for 2017.

It's probably because it's built inside of an abandoned movie theater-- creepy! Deserted by its former occupants several years ago, it's located at Laurel Shopping Center and is home to sinister entities.

Thrill seekers meet eye to eye with the monstrous inhabitants that pray on their fears. The horrors that lie within are not for the faint of heart.

And if that's not enough to give you heart palpations, the attraction offers four hair raising escape rooms. All interactive. All timed. All uniquely chilling.

We recommend grabbing your squad to experience this haunting thrill. But whatever you do, don't get separated!

Don't say we didn't warn you.

Click here for gory details regarding ticket information, hours of operation, and more.

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