Presidential debate prop bets: First speaker, 'fake news,' Hunter Biden, and interruptions

The highly anticipated live debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump is Thursday night, and has unveiled its exclusive prop bets for the showdown.

"Betting markets have a proven track record in predicting political outcomes," said Tim Williams, Director of Public Relations at BetUS in a statement. "We accurately called the 2016 presidential election, demonstrating the insightful power of these wagers alongside traditional polling. This year, our goal is to elevate the debate-watching experience with prop bets that add an extra layer of excitement and engagement."


Presidential debate drink specials and watch parties in DC

With the first presidential debate scheduled for Thursday evening in Atlanta, bars and restaurants across the nation’s capital are gearing up to host viewers.

Among the unique prop bets offered, viewers can wager on topics likely to dominate the discussion, including Hunter Biden, January 6 events, Trump's legal challenges, and the outcome of the 2020 election.'s odds also invite bettors to predict how often Biden will say "folks" and how frequently Trump will mention "fake news."


Poll: Most Americans plan to watch first presidential debate and see it as important

A new poll found that the Biden-Trump debate is seen as important and a major test for their campaigns. Here’s what to know about Thursday night’s debate.

"We anticipate this to be the most bet-on presidential debate in history," Williams emphasized. is prepared to facilitate wagers from dozens of countries worldwide.