Pregnant woman stabbed while riding bike on way home from work

A pregnant woman was attacked and stabbed while she was riding her bicycle near Congressional Cemetery in Southeast D.C.

The victim, who is seven months pregnant and does not want to be identified, was biking home from work on Monday at around 5 p.m.

"It happened to be very isolated at that time," she told us.

Her bike ride is a trek that is nearly four miles from Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling to her home in Southeast.

"I remember seeing a gentleman heading towards me, but I thought that he was probably just heading towards the crosswalk," she said.

She was only blocks from her home at the John Phillip Sousa Bridge.

"I tried to keep clear of him and was trying to avoid him, but he kind of kept heading towards me so I kept veering away," the victim said.

Before she knew it, he lunged at her when they came up to each other.

She said he had a sluggish walk at first. It all happened so quickly that she thought he had only punched her.

"I felt him grab my arm and I definitely felt something hit my shoulder," she said.

She pedaled away, but what she didn't know in that moment was that she had been stabbed.

"My shirt had been torn and there was blood," she said. "I'd been stabbed, but I biked just one more block and then I started asking for help and I called the police."

She flagged down a neighbor and then called 911 herself. The police response was quick.

"I provided the best description I could and they began immediately looking for him and also helping me," she told us.

At George Washington University Hospital, they stitched up her wound and made sure the baby was okay.

"It definitely makes me a little more cautious about my surroundings," she said.

She told us she will most likely not continue biking to and from work.

She said the doctors at the hospital were so caring and helpful to her and the baby that she is thinking about switching hospitals for the birth of her child -- a baby girl that is due at the end of September.