Preemie baby Hippo takes a dip in the pool

The newest addition to the Cincinnati Zoo took a dip in the pool Thursday. Meet Fiona the baby hippo! She was born a preemie at the zoo, but got to have some fun in the water.

You can see her bouncing and splashing underwater as part of her pool sessions in the video.

While Fiona was born ahead of schedule, zoo keepers say the preemie now weighs sixty pounds. She takes more than 20 bottles of special formula a day.

Zoo officials say the pool time also helps Fiona get closer to her parents Bibi and Henry.

Fiona is the first Nile Hippo born at the Cincinnati Zoo in 75 years.

She weighed just 29 pounds at birth, which is 25 pounds lighter than the lowest recorded birth weight for her species.

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