Prank security video of 'robbery' lands store in hot water

Video of a staged robbery attempt almost had the owners of a Tennessee store in trouble with the law.

Tennessee Sounds, a music store in Kingsport, posted video of what appeared to be a robbery attempt.

In the video, the would-be robber pulled a knife on a store clerk. The store clerk then drew a gun on the would-be robber!

The masked suspect fainted at the sight of the weapon and fled the store after the store clerk picked up the phone.

The video was posted online by the store – but it turns out it was just what they call a ‘social experiment' prank.

Here is what they posted along with the video online:

Don't bring a knife to a gun fight or this could happen to you...

So here is the video that about got us in a lot of trouble. We done a little social experiment involving a staged robbery, but evidently that's a class C Felony. Thankfully the detectives and officers are all very cool and nice people. They could have taken us to jail!

No robbery was committed in the making of this video. This was a social experiment with actors.