Powerful 3D-printed rifle fires NATO rounds

A group of gunsmiths just 3D printed a bigger, better caliber rifle.

PrintedFirearm.com , a website devoted to 3D printing of guns, announced that one of its members successfully developed a lower receiver for a Colt CM901 rifle. The receiver for the CM901—which is considered to be a much stronger brother of the infamous AR-15 assault rifle—was crafted on a XYZ Da Vinci printer, which normally costs around $500 - considered cheap in the 3D printer world. While they were not the first to 3D print a lower receiver, it seems as if Printed Firearm has taken an evolutionary step.

"This is the FIRST EVER 3d Printed AR-10 (CM901/LE901) lower receiver by JT," reads a blog post on PrintedFirearm.com. "OH YES WE DID!!!!!!! Yes people its pure awesome sauce and it has been tested, fired with little to no issues."

The CM901 has a similar design to the AR-15 but can fire a heavier and more powerful 7.62 millimeter round, which results in higher range and stopping power. The standard NATO rifle cartridge has a 7.62 mm diameter and a 51 mm case length.

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