Popular Prince George's County motorcycle shop raided by police

A popular motorcycle shop in Prince George's County is under investigation as officers raided the business Thursday.

Police will not say what led them to search Clinton Cycles, also known as DMV Baggers, for several hours. It has left many wondering what led investigators to this popular motorcycle shop.

"Like any other investigation, we don't know where this is going to take us," said Prince George's County Police Lt. Manny Rivera.

For months, there has been word on the street that bikes sold here were stolen.

"It's stolen bikes and most importantly, these are motorcycles that won't be legal on the street," said Rivera.

"I found out that the bike was stolen," said one Clinton Cycles customer who spoke to FOX 5. "I turned the bike in to the police, to the pound."

This man claims he spent nearly $13,000 on two motorcycles along with mechanical work on the bikes at Clinton Cycles. He went to police in January and investigators confirmed at least one of his bikes was stolen. That bike is now in police custody.

"I bought the bikes myself so we could ride together, but when they found out the bike was stolen, we had to cancel our riding trip," he said.

Glass from the front door was seen shattered at the business on Thursday. Police used K-9s to search for other contraband and seized motorcycles from inside.

"If the police pulled me over on that bike, I would have went to jail on a stolen bike that I didn't even know that was stolen," said the customer. "In a matter of fact, I would have argued with the police and told them, 'Oh, you're wrong because I know where I purchased this bike from.' I would have been dead wrong."

Police did not say if anyone is facing charges. It is unclear if Clinton Cycles will be back open for business.