Georgetown's 'Call Your Mother' bagel shop fighting to stay open amid zoning issue

Call Your Mother Jew-ish Deli in Georgetown

The future of a popular bagel spot in Georgetown is in question after community members complained about patrons causing issues in the area. 

The iconic pink shop, ‘Call Your Mother,' which opened in July 2020 and sits at the corner of O Street is now under threat after the D.C. Advisory Neighborhood Commission for the area submitted a formal letter last week

ANC Chair Gwendolyn Lohse penned the letter, saying that the shop has been operating under an exception as it is not within the variance to operate as a "corner store" within 750 feet of a commercially zoned lot. 

"The special exception would allow the applicant to sell prepared foods, which is not allowed by right even as a corner store," the letter reads. 

The key issue, according to Lohse, is the crowd control at the hot shop as it’s a well-known weekend brunch spot, often bringing in hundreds of customers. 

Lohse says shop owners have made attempts to rein in the many patrons that frequent the shop but she and some Georgetown residents claim it hasn’t happened. 

"Most notably, the ANC concludes that the large crowds that critically cannot be contained within the establishment create a routine objectionable condition. The applicant has made attempts and promised plans to address these crowds and the detrimental impact they have, but these attempts have not and will not succeed without a fundamental shift in shop operations. Therefore, the ANC cannot support the special exception at this time," Lohse wrote. 

Following the June 3 ANC hearing when the issue was brought up, Call Your Mother co-owner Andrew Dana said in an Instagram video that they are looking into options to remedy the zoning issue and keep their doors open. 

"Do you guys love this Georgetown store as much as I do?" Dana said in the video. "We’re dealing with some zoning issues which could affect our ability to be here for the super long term. So if you want to see us be able to be here and bring joy to the neighborhood, we’d love your support." 

They’re asking neighborhood supporters to reach out via email at or send them a direct message, "and ask us how to help keep this store around for a long long time," Dana said. 

FOX 5 has reached out to the shop. We have not yet heard back.