Pop-up restaurant opening on Mt. Everest

A great meal can be elevated by a great view. A new restaurant looks to REALLY elevate that theory about 17,000 feet on Mount Everest base camp.

It is part of chef James Sharman's One Star House Party series, which has him hosting dinners in 20 different countries over 20 months via pop-up restaurants. Mount Everest, aside from not having a local grocery store, is a challenge amid high winds and freezing weather.

"Since we began travelling from country to country, the food we have fallen in love with the most has been the food created under unique or challenging circumstances," Sharman told the Independent.

Those who want a seat will have to pony up $1050 per person, and it includes food & drink, hotel in Khatmandu, guest house boarding to and from base camp, and the guides & gear for the hike. It also includes sleeping bags and down jackets for those that feel "a bit of a draft" in the remote location known for its high winds and extreme colds.

Only 15 spots are available for any daring food lovers, and the trip lasts from December 10-23. A deposit of $525 must be placed by November 29.

For those less daring and just looking for a good hike, click on the video to see what a hike can do for your mind.