Poll: 13 million Americans keep bank account, credit card hidden from spouse

A new poll shows that nearly 13 million Americans could be keeping secret spending accounts that their spouses are not aware of.

The information from CreditCards.com says that 1 in 20 respondents who are living with their partner admitted to having an account or credit card their significant didn't know anything about.

Experts say sinister motives aren't always the reason behind the keeping of hidden funds. Sometimes misunderstandings about how to manage money or an attempt by one partner to try and make headway into solving financial problems are the reasons

41 percent of those surveyed said their spouse should be able to spend $100 or less without telling them. 24 percent said the limit should be more than $500.

In addition, 19 percent said they had spent more than $500 without telling their spouse and men were nearly twice as likely than women to have spent that much without telling.

24 percent of seniors, aged 65 and older, said their partner should spend only $25 or less without telling them.

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