Police: Woman leads couple on wild ride in Villa Rica

It was a wild ride in Villa Rica as police said a woman carjacked a vehicle from a gas station with the victim still in it.

It happened at the Chevron station located in the 1200 block of Rockmart Road. Villa Rica Police said Shelby Holmes, was sitting in the passenger seat of her car, waiting for her fiance to come out of the store, when a woman got into her car. Police said Morgan Nicole Vila, 24, of Doraville, climbed in and told Holmes she was cold.

"I was trying to be kind and a Good Samaritan and let her get in for a moment when she did enter my car without my permission," said Shelby Holmes.

Holmes said things became dangerously bizarre when Vila hopped into the driver's seat and drove away.

"I say 'What are you doing?' And she throws it in reverse and at that point she backs up. She backs over the curve, blows my back tire completely to shreds," said Holmes.

Police said Holmes' fiance saw the incident and ran after the car as Holmes began to struggle with Vila.

"I was able to stop it and unlock the doors and he dove in and we were able to get her out of the vehicle thank goodness, but once she was out of the vehicle she jumped on the top of my car," said Holmes.

Investigators said Holmes' fiance drove down the highway with Vila clinging to the top of the roof while she uttered threats to the couple.

"She started beating on the windows of the car as he was driving and threatening to shoot her," said Sgt. Brian Finley with the Villa Rica Police Department.

Sgt. Finley said it is unclear why Vila was in Villa Rica early Monday morning. He said the ordeal ended when the car pulled into a fire station about three miles away from the Chevron station. He said Vila fled the area, but was quickly caught.

Villa was booked into the Carrol County Jail on charges of robbery, hijacking of motor vehicle, kidnapping, battery, terroristic threats, criminal damage, and reckless conduct.

Holmes, who is six months pregnant, said the ordeal scarred her in several ways.

"I've got some cuts and bruises that will heal, emotionally I've been torn apart, I'm scared to go anywhere by myself, I don't like stopping at gas stations anymore," said Holmes.

Police said Vila remains behind bars without bond.