Police: Washington state boy's report of being brutally bullied was false

Olympia Police say the report of a little boy who was allegedly attacked by seven kids at his apartment complex in Olympia was false.

Police investigated and learned the 6-year-old boy's injuries were not consistent with that type of assault. Police released a statement that read in part, "The injuries sustained by the child are the result of a fall, which occurred at the apartment complex on the date in question, not an assault. As a result, there are no suspects of any age."

Police have contacted social services to ensure the "continued welfare of the child."

The boy and his mother claimed he was brutally attacked by seven kids at his apartment complex in Olympia.

The little boy, Carter English, claimed to be attacked last week after reportedly standing up for a friend.

Carter said the group of kids attacked him when he confronted them for bullying his friend.

He claimed the group of kids beat Carter with rocks and sticks and rubbed sawdust in his eye.

A Go Fund Me page claimed Carter could face the possibility of losing his left eye.

KOMO news had reported police found the 5-year-old who started the fight and were planning to get social services involved.

When asked if he was scared this was going to happen again Carter replied, "Yeah, Mommy is too."

At the time Carter's mother Dana English said "It's been hell, I haven't slept. I haven't ate, I can't do anything. I can't even leave his side." She is sharing the story because she wants others to know that bullying is not acceptable. "There's no reason to bully someone ever," she said.

According to a KOMO news report, after interviewing people involved in the case they returned to question the little boy, who admitted to making up the story.

Police said no charges would be filed due to his age, according to the report.

Additional details on how the boy fell were not released.