Police warn of bogus 50 and 100 dollar bills

Some bogus big bills are getting passed around Philadelphia's suburbs. We're talking about 50 and 100 dollar bills and police say they are hard to spot. The money feels and smells real.

Radnor Township police are working at least two confirmed cases of what seems to be the work of clever counterfeiters in our area and it's not just local businesses getting burned consumers can be caught up and taken in for questioning.

According to police, a bogus 100 dollar bill was used for a purchase at a Wawa in Wayne, Pa while a bogus 50 was used at an Aldi food store in Coatesville.

"This guy has been passing these at Wawas around the area--Radnor and Chester County as well, " Radnor Township Detective T.J. Schreiber said.

Everything else about the counterfeit cash checks out.

"Feels like money--passed test--hold it up to the light there's no strip. It's bleached one dollar bill," Detective Schreiber said.

A real one dollar bill stripped of its original ink and stamped as big bucks.

The feds have been notified about these cases. FOX 29 did reach out to Wawa corporate for any comment on this, but we haven't heard back.

Detective Schreiber says by law the money has to be turned over to the Secret Service, so anyone arrested would face local felony charges as well as federal charges.