Police: Teen suspect in robbery of wedding guest shouldn't have been out of jail

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Police said the pattern is almost the same when they reviewed the backgrounds of both defendants in the robbery of wedding guests outside a private club in Buckhead last month.

Both 17-year-old Jayden Myrick, the alleged shooter, and 19-year-old Torrus Fleetwood, the purported driver, had been let out of jail after not one mistake, but several.

Fleetwood was just picked up Thursday. When Atlanta authorities checked his background, the 19-year-old had run afoul of the law for several years; everything from terroristic threats out of Clayton County to a robbery by force in Fulton County.

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The latter was the most serious before the July 8 incident outside the club. That crime took the life of one of the guests, Christian Broder, who had flown into Atlanta from DC for the wedding.

Records on Fleetwood shows that a negotiated plea on the robbery ended with a 5-year-sentence, of which he was to serve two years.

At the request of his attorney, Judge Ural Glanville, gave him credit for time served and let him out on probation after just seven months.

Major Mike O'Connor said it is underestimated just how many crimes are committed by the same young offenders.

Fleetwood waived his first appearance on Friday. He was charged with two counts of battery, giving false information to police, and counts of probation violations. He and fellow his fellow defendant are scheduled to appear in a Fulton County Courtroom on August 10.