Police searching for possible buried body in Northeast DC

D.C. police are investigating a possible body buried in Northeast Washington.

Sources close to the investigation tell FOX 5 that police got a tip that someone was killed and buried at Clay Terrace, a housing neighborhood in D.C.

FOX 5 visited the site on Wednesday and saw a garden with vegetables, herbs and fruit trees surrounded by police tape.

Sources say that when K-9 units were brought in, the cadaver dogs went "crazy" at this site.

Police in the Sixth District have been on 24/7 rotations guarding the crime scene for almost three days.

Late Wednesday afternoon, I asked D.C. Police Assistant Chief Peter Newsham why the police have not dug up the spot already, but he declined to say.

I also asked about the status of the investigation.

"That's information that we're not in a position to share with anyone publicly at this time," he said. "It's an ongoing criminal investigation, and if details do emerge that we can share with the public, we will do so."

Police sources say they brought out two more cadaver dogs since we were there, but they did not find anything. They said the crime scene was closed down.