Police searching for ATV rider who ran over officer in Maryland

A Maryland-National Capital Park Police officer in Prince George's County was seriously injured after he was run over by an all-terrain vehicle. It happened last Sunday as the officer attempted to speak with the driver.

The group of ATVs was riding in the area of Allentown Road when at least two riders turned onto Old Branch Avenue and stopped in the back of a strip mall at an electric supply store.

The on-duty officer pulled up next to them, got out of his car and was run over as he approached them.

"I approached both of the drivers at one point and asked them to turn off their ATVs," said Maryland-National Capital Park Police Chief Stanley Johnson. "One decided he wasn't going to do that and he actually revved his engine up and ran towards the officer. At one point, he struck the officer, knocked that officer down and also struck his motor vehicle."

This incident comes after ATVs, motorcycles and dirt bikes were seen slowing down traffic between Route 202 and Central Avenue in Prince George's County back in December.

"They are becoming problematic at times because they impede the flow of traffic, especially in the numbers that we encounter on occasion," said Chief Johnson.

Investigators said when approached by the officer, the ATV driver jumped over to his friend's bike and they both rode off after running over the officer.

Police are looking to speak with a person of interest seen in a surveillance picture released by police.

The ATV riders are looking at felony charges for running over the officer who spent a night in the hospital and is still recovering from injuries to his legs.