Police search for shooter after massive Maryland pool party turns violent

The massive pool party where a man was shot and wounded Wednesday night was advertised on social media, according to police. 

The incident occurred in a backyard pool in a quiet neighborhood in Prince George's County. 

Police and code enforcement investigators returned to the scene of the shooting Thursday afternoon to speak with the homeowner. The incident took place off Glenn Dale Road, where a young man was shot and wounded.

A neighbor reported hearing seven or eight gunshots coming from the pool area. 

"I just seen people running, so once you see people running, you get out of the pool, and you start running too," he said.

Several minutes later, detectives believe more gunshots were fired in the cul-de-sac around the corner, where many partygoers had parked their cars. 

One of those cars was struck by several bullets. 

"It's ridiculous. It's unacceptable. It's unnecessary. It's too much. We're supposed to be having fun... And I don't see any fun coming out of it," the neighbor added.


Gunfire erupts at massive Maryland pool party, 1 man injured

A massive pool party in Glenn Dale ended with shots fired, and one person injured, according to police. 

Paperwork on the front door of the house that hosted the party indicated the event was in violation of the county's permitting policies. 

"You have a private pool party, and then you have a public pool party where you're charging admission. Two different thing. One, you're charging admission. There are tax liabilities. There are permitting obligations to that. There are obligations about getting an alcohol license if you're serving alcohol at a pool party that you're hosting and charging admission for," said Orince George's County police officer Brian Fischer.

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FOX 5 spoke to a man who met with investigators at the scene last night. 

He said he was there when the partygoer was shot. 

"Out of nowhere, I see everybody running. I say what's everybody running for?" he recounted. He then saw the young man on the ground, shot and wounded. "I kept talking to him saying, 'Stay with me... stay with me.' Then I told him to grab my hand and squeeze it until, you know what I'm saying, he can't no more. Then the next thing you know, police came."

For weeks, massive pool parties attracting scores of people from around the region to homes, sometimes rented and where alcohol is sold, have been spreading on social media. The most recent example in Glenn Dale, Maryland, ended with gunfire.

"Well, it’s unfortunate, and then we’re in the season. Here we are. We’re in the summer season and kids are out of school," said neighbor Donna Best.

Police say the young man shot is in stable condition. 

The suspect is still on the run.