Police say crack-cocaine, heroin found inside man during body cavity search

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Police say they recovered over 50 bags of narcotics during a body cavity search of a man after a traffic stop in West Virginia.

The incident happened early Friday morning in Martinsburg. Officers say they pulled over a vehicle and were alerted to the odor of drugs by their K9 unit.

The driver of the vehicle, Quamir Finch, and passenger Corey Tisdell were searched. Officers say that during the search, Finch pulled away from them and clenched his buttocks. At the station, a body cavity search of Finch was conducted during which detectives say they found 12 baggies of crack-cocaine and 42 baggies of heroin - all inside of a larger bag.

Police say a search of Tisdell revealed 16 baggies of crack-cocaine in his underwear as well as $442 in his pants pocket.

In total, police seized $2,277 cash, 15.5 grams of heroin worth $3,100, and 14 grams of crack-cocaine worth $2,800.

Both men face charges. The investigation is continuing.