Police report details traffic accident that took place before Va. man fatally shot by US Park Police

There are new details about a traffic accident that happened just before a chase and deadly shooting of 25-year-old McLean man by U.S. Park Police.

A four-page police report says a male Uber driver in a Toyota Corolla with a passenger in the backseat was traveling southbound on the George Washington Parkway in Alexandria when he struck the rear of Bijan Ghaisar's green 2013 Jeep SUV on the night of Nov. 17.

For reasons unknown, the report says Ghaisar "stopped in the roadway abruptly" and "then left the scene."

The Uber driver told FOX 5 on Friday that Ghaisar did drive off immediately after the collision. He said Ghaisar suddenly slammed on his brakes without any traffic around, causing him to rear-end Ghaisar. The Uber driver said he and his passenger got Ghaisar's license plate tag and called police afterwards.

There were no injuries to the Uber driver or his passenger. He was given a ticket for failing to maintain proper control.

As for Ghaisar's behavior that night, the police report simply lists a series of "unknowns."

Ten minutes later, Ghaisar was shot by two U.S. Park Police officers miles from the scene following a brief chase.

Ghaisar's family says he was shot three times in the head and was unarmed. He later died on Nov. 27.

The FBI has taken over as the lead of this investigation.

Fairfax County provided back-up during the incident and the shooting was captured on one of their dashboard cameras. The video has not yet been released due to the ongoing investigation.

Roy Austin, an attorney representing the Ghaisar family, said in a statement:

"The crash report is just further evidence that a young man was senselessly killed by U.S. Park Police Officers. This whole incident started with Bijan Ghaisar being hit by another driver and then shortly thereafter being shot by the police. In this day and age, it is incomprehensible that the officers have been allowed to go about their lives anonymously after taking another person's life. The family of Bijan Ghaisar wants answers and that should not be too much to ask."

Ghaisar worked with his father as an accountant in McLean after he graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2015 with a degree in accounting. The 25-year-old graduated from Langley High School in 2010.