Police: man suspected in pastor's murder yelled 'I Kill Demons'

GERMANTOWN, Md. - Police have arrested a man they say killed a pastor in Germantown.

38-year-old Roland Zinneh has been charged with first-degree murder after police found 57-year-old Connery Dagadu dead in a home on the 19000 block of St. Johnsbury Lane.

Investigators say Zinneh prevented emergency crews from entering the home when they responded Wednesday morning shortly after 11 a.m. Police officers arrived and found Zinneh at the doorway of the home.

After a brief struggle with police, officers say Zinneh began to yell, "Demons!" "I kill demons!", as he was taken into custody.

Dagadu was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Police say Zinneh had been dropped off at the residence on the night of March 10. Dagadu, a pastor, was asked to "pray over" Zinneh and help him with his "voices."

The homeowner heard commotion from the basement and went downstairs the following morning where Dagadu was found unresponsive.

Investigators say Zinneh told them that he had a physical altercation with Dagadu, who he believed was possessed by "demons."

Zinneh is being held without bond at the Montgomery County Detention Center.