Police hold forum on dangers of sex trafficking at Fairfax County school

Fairfax County parents are being told to watch their child's every move very closely. The county police department's Human Trafficking Unit held a forum Wednesday night explaining the dangers that exist at local schools.

For detectives working these cases, it is extremely important to dispel myths about sex trafficking, especially where it occurs and who the victims are.

That is why detectives on the Human Trafficking Unit held the forum for parents, teachers and students at West Springfield High School.

According to police, northern Virginia is one of the top five hubs for sex trafficking in the country and it is underage girls that are the main target.

And believe it or not, they say other students between the ages of 14 and 15 already in these circles are the top recruiters.

At this high school in particular, there are three cases involving sex trafficking detectives are looking into.

"I honestly don't see it here," said Briana Windhausen, a sophomore at West Springfield. "It is definitely a hidden issue. People don't really talk about it and that is why it happens because it is just not something that people want to talk about."

For detectives working with this issue in Fairfax County, they say northern Virginia is a prime spot for this crime because of the supply -- children from educated and wealthier households.

It is a problem that is plaguing our region, not just in northern Virginia, but also in Maryland.

The FOX 5 Investigative Team uncovered several establishments in Prince George's County which claim to be one thing and operate as a completely different thing. But even more disturbing is the reaction from the county.

On Thursday night at 10 p.m., we will take you inside alleged banquet halls and you will see firsthand the dangers of sex trafficking.

For more information on the Just Ask Prevention human trafficking campaign, go to justaskva.org/