Police hold community meeting on murder investigation of 42-year-old Arlington mother

The Aurora Hills neighborhood of Arlington County remains uneasy following the murder of 42-year-old Bonnie Black.

Police still do not have a suspect, but their presence in that neighborhood is overwhelming.

To calm fear, Arlington County police invited concerned residents to a community meeting at a church just a few blocks from Black's home where she was found stabbed to death.

Police say they have received many calls from residents who are concerned and worried about their safety.

Arlington County Police Captain James Wasem gave residents all of the information the department felt comfortable disclosing. He confirmed police had responded to domestic calls at the house before the killing and say Black's estranged husband violated conditions of a restraining order to stay away from her.

According to an autopsy by the medical examiner, Black was stabbed in the chest and neck last Friday morning after her two young children were spotted wondering on the street. The manner of her death was ruled a homicide.

Crime scene tape and police officers have been posted around the clock at Black's home.

"There is 24-hour detail out there because we are still combing through the residence, processing the scene out there, so we wouldn't want anybody to come in and enter the residence and potentially compromise something," said Arlington County police spokesperson Dustin Sternbeck.

Several blocks away at the victim's estranged husband's home, police are parked out front and in the rear of the property.

"I anticipate the collection of forensic evidence from within the two residences to conclude by early next week, if not a little sooner," Wasem said.

"Right now, that individual is cooperating with the police investigation," said Sternbeck. "He has not be detained or been placed in police custody."

Despite the police presence, authorities say neighbors should feel safe in this area and they relayed that message at the meeting.