Police Department made one boy's birthday very special

The Mashburn family lives across from the Pine Lake Police Department and their son Dylan has been watching them work for years.

"Dylan often shows his appreciation by making thank you cards for them and sending them short letters when he has noticed someone breaking the law," said mom, Becca Mashburn. "He has been asking for a uniform so he could be a part of the force and finally received one this week for his 5th birthday."

After about an hour of standing in the front of their house reminding those driving by to be safe and drive slowly (with his loudspeaker and whistle), Sgt. Palms noticed Dylan's hard work and came over for a visit.

"Sgt. Palms took time to shake Dylan's hand, allowed us to take pictures, and gave Dylan a tour of his car."

"We really appreciate his effort to leave a lasting, positive impression on our son and we would like to recognize that."