Police: Couple used child to try to smuggle electronics

A couple in McDonough tried to steal electronics from a Best Buy by putting them in their baby stroller, with a child inside, according to police.

It happened November 7 around 10:30 a.m. Store surveillance footage shows a man and a woman pushing a baby stroller entering the store. Henry County Police said the Crime Prevention Officer on duty was a retired police officer.

"She watched these two individuals walk in and apparently recognized something because she started following with camera," said Major Mike Ireland, Henry County Police Department.

The video shows the woman stuff at least one item in the stroller. Employees stopped the couple on the way out the door and directed them to the office where they asked to see the child.

"After removing the blanket she noticed there was a child, but on top of the child were all of the components that were placed inside there," said Major Ireland.

The police report indicates the man grabbed the employee by the shoulders, pushed her to the floor, and ran out of the building with the woman and child. Best Buy did get their items back, but officers said it's still considered shoplifting because they passed all chances to buy the products before they were stopped. Currently, the charges are theft by shoplifting and simple battery but there could be more.

"Once we have these individuals identified we will look at other charges which could be some kind of cruelty to children or something," said Major Ireland.

Anyone with information on the identity of these two, please contact Henry County Police Department.