Police bust 13 in reverse prostitution sting; post online warning to would-be johns

A warning from police to johns looking for prostitutes online - police are looking for you.

That's the message in an online post from Howard County Police. Investigators posted the message to Backpage, a website known to them as a place where prostitution services can be found.

The message reads in part: "HCPD has zero tolerance for Prostitution and Human Trafficking. If you commit these crimes, you WILL be arrested, prosecuted and your personal information released to the media."

Officers also recently conducted a reverse prostitution operation, resulting in the arrests of 13 men.

During that sting, detectives placed a fake ad on Backpage, connecting men with undercover female officers who offered to meet them. Men who showed up at the meeting place were charged with solicitation of prostitution and disorderly conduct.

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NEWS RELEASE: Detectives arrest 13 men in prostitution operation;Police are posting online "warning ads" to potential...