Police: 86-year-old international jewel thief strikes again in Ga.

A legendary international jewel thief was nabbed by Dunwoody Police. Investigators said 86-year old Doris Payne tried to walk out of Von Maur at Perimeter Mall after slipping a $2,000 diamond necklace into her back pocket.

Investigators said when they confronted Payne, she was very forthcoming.

"She was very cooperative, police and when the officer arrived she explained what she did," said Dunwoody Police Lt. Fidel Espinoza.

Payne was arrested and taken to the DeKalb County Jail.

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Just last year, Payne was arrested in Atlanta for trying to swipe a $700 pair or Christian Dior earrings from Phipps Plaza. At the time, police in Charlotte, North Carolina had a warrant out for her arrest for allegedly stealing a $32,000 engagement ring.

In 2013, Payne talked about her extensive history as a jewel thief in a documentary, "The Life and Crimes of Doris Payne." In the film she said "There's never been a day that I went to steal that I did not get what I went to do."

Producers of the film claim Payne has snatched more than $2 million in jewels around the world, during a career that has lasted 60 years.

"I don't know of too many professional jewel thieves, and like you said to have one right here in Dunwoody, it's kind of wild," said Lt. Espinoza.