Planned Parenthood under construction next to DC school

Some parents are upset over the construction of Planned Parenthood's new location in Northeast D.C.

The organization is currently building a 26,000-square-foot facility next to Two Rivers Public Charter School, one of the city's top charter schools. Some parents whose children attend the school are worried about protest activity.

"Not that I'm against Planned Parenthood. I just don't like Planned Parenthood next to my child's school," said parent Malik Lloyd. "Because it's protests going on. There's posters of bloody babies, and so on and so forth. So it's sort of -- it affects me in a bad way."

As for the protesters who have gathered at the building site, they broadly oppose abortion, so they're against Planned Parenthood building anywhere in the area.

Construction of the facility is expected to be completed in the spring. It will serve as the organization's headquarters for Greater Washington. Planned Parenthood's president for the region said she understands parental concerns.

"I'm the mother of two children, so I can appreciate that parents don't want anyone screaming at their child about anything," said Dr. Laura Meyers, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington. "We really need to be talking to the protesters about censuring and monitoring their own behavior around children."

The Facebook page for Two Rivers Public Charter School recently warned parents about potential protests and said that the school would do what they could to shield students from them. FOX 5 reached out to the school's executive director but did not get a response.