Pig on the loose in Buckhead

Buckhead residents are on the prowl for a pig on the loose. The little black and white porker has been spotted by several people over the past couple of weeks.

Arthur Roberts captured video of the little guy in the backyard of his home. Roberts said the little pig seems healthy and well-fed, but Roberts is concerned about the little guy.

WATCH: Raw video of the little piggy in Buckhead

"Between traffic and coyotes, the future looks cloudy for a black and white pig," said Roberts.

Roberts tried to get close, but apparently invaded the pig's personal space.

"When I got within 20 feet of him he spun and took off. He ran faster than any dog I've seen," said Roberts.

A block away, Sophia, Julia and CC Williams spotted the little piggy in their yard and tried to catch him, but the speedy swine slipped away.

"We chased it around these two houses and up the cul de sac," said Sophia.

The Buckhead boar is anything but boring. Some said he is cute with his little pigtail. Others said the pig is a problem because he keeps digging up yards and flower beds.

"Some want to have the pig for breakfast, some want to make sure he gets back to his owner," said Dave Moran.

WATCH: Neighbors are split over a pig on the loose in Buckhead

Moran believes the pig is a pet and wants to capture the little guy and help him find his way home.

"I've never caught a pig before so I don't know the first thing about it, but hope to figure it out," said Moran.

Fulton County Animal Control does know a thing or two about catching pigs. They were in the neighborhood Monday, but didn't spot him. If they were able to catch the pig, they'd turn him over to a rescue.

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