Pieces of overpass fall onto moving vehicle in Prince George's County

Parts of the I-495 overpass on Suitland Road in Prince George's County crashed onto a traveling car Tuesday afternoon.

The grandmother who was driving the vehicle survived the incident, but we have learned this bridge has been a problem for a lot of drivers.

It was an afternoon rush hour horror for Katherine Dean, who felt like the sky was falling.

"This is something I never expected to happen or never thought would happen going under a bridge," she told us.

Dean was driving along Suitland Road below the I-495 overpass in Morningside. It appears parts of the bridge crumbled and fell onto her car.

"My window was smashed," she said. "My hood was smashed all in the back and I came to find out some concrete had fell from the bridge."

FOX 5 has learned this isn't the first time this has happened. Other motorists and city leaders have complained about the decaying bridge for some time.

The Maryland State Highway Administration immediately repaired the structure and engineers say more work is planned to stop the ongoing problem.

But one driver hopes a full repair will come soon to this bridge before the next chunk of concrete does severe damage or worse.

"I'm still shaking because I had just gone into complete shock," Dean said.