PGCPS making good on delayed step raises for teachers

A win Tuesday for school employees in Prince George's County fighting for their salaries. The CEO of schools says those impacted by pay freezes years ago will have that money restored.

This will impact thousands of teachers and other school employees and it's finally resolving what has been a real hot button issue within the school system.

Interim CEO Dr. Monica Goldson made the announcement Tuesday morning at Barack Obama Elementary in Upper Marlboro.

It comes almost a week after teachers angry about their salaries declared it was "Teacher Unappreciation Day," posting photos on social media and holding rallies.

During the recession in 2010 - 2012, employees were placed on a pay freeze and there were no raises during those years.

In the school system, yhe yearly raises are known as steps, and if you talk to employees impacted, they know exactly what step they should be on and how much they would be making if not for the freeze.

Employees will now get those increases over the next three years in addition to the raises they would typically get for the year.
Goldson says it will cost the school system over $46 million.

"It was important I made sure our community, our teachers, our students, our administrators, our support staff knew I heard you," said Goldson. "You matter your voice matters and this is what we have to do in order to move forward."

The interim CEO needs the support of school board members.

On Sunday, FOX 5 spoke to several of them who said this is a top priority and something they believed could become a reality.

If this goes through as expected more than 8,000 school employees would have salaries restored.