Petition calls for change to Metro bus ban on open strollers

A new petition has been launched to encourage Metro to change its policy when it comes to strollers on its buses, but Metro doesn't appear to be budging on the issue.

Currently, when getting on to the bus a stroller must first be folded. This means parents must remove their children from the stroller, fold the stroller, and manage to carry the child, stroller and their belongings onto the bus.

Olga Maria Cano joined the petition asking Metro officials to change the policy. She has a 2-year-old daughter and said because it's so hard to get her on a bus at a stop near her home, she has to walk more than half a mile to a rail station.

"I attempted to get on the bus while my child was still in the stroller and I was asked to fold up the stroller. So this meant I had to bring out my child, get all the belongings I had underneath the stroller, fold up a stroller and carry a kid, a stroller and accessories," Cano detailed.

Metro sent FOX 5 its rules and a statement saying it's not considering a change in policy, stating in part, "The configuration and aisle width is nothing like a train - and that's important. Unfolded strollers block the aisle, posing a safety/tripping hazard and delaying the boarding/alighting process. It's not something we are considering."

Olga said she believes a simple solution would be to allow strollers in the area used for wheelchairs if that area if it's not being used.

FOX 5 requested an interview with Metro Board Chairman Jack Evans but he declined and his aide said he had no comment.