Pepco comes through for DC girl asking for hamster after she writes letter intended for Petco

A youngster who really wanted a hamster finally got her wish thanks to an unlikely source - an electric company.

A D.C. girl named Serenity Williams wrote a letter that she thought she was sending to pet supply retail chain, Petco, in which she asked them for a hamster. In the letter, young Serenity drew a sketch of a hamster and promised she would work extra hard in school and at home if she could get the furry pet.

Serenity's letter was placed in a white envelope and mailed out. Her letter was addressed to Petco, but the envelope actually had the address for the corporate headquarters of Pepco, a utility company that supplies power in the Washington D.C. area.

Despite this snafu, all was not lost for young Serenity. Pepco's customer care team received Serenity's letter and made sure her request would not go unanswered.

Pepco contacted Serenity's mother and surprised the little girl on Friday with the pet that she wanted along with supplies and a habitat cage for the hamster to live in.

When Serenity's mother told her daughter that Pepco was giving her a hamster, the 8-year-old girl didn't believe it and thought it was a joke. But when they finally arrived at Pepco's headquarters, she finally realized her wish was coming true.

Congratulations to Serenity for becoming a new pet owner and great work to the people at Pepco for going the extra mile!