Peoria home painted in 100 colors

"Colorful" is one word that can be used to describe a Peoria home.

The home's owner used about 100 colors to paint the home, and it's not the first time he has done something like this.

"I have been interested in artwork for ten years," said homeowner Ernest Leas. "I get interested in the stuff I see around Phoenix. I am not really making any kind of a statement, but it is back to a clean sheet of paper. Trying to come up with new ideas, but not sure what I will do yet."

Ernest said the neighbors love his paint job, but one neighbor FOX 10 Phoenix spoke with offered a rather scathing review.

"It is ridiculous. Certainly childish. We are all adults. He is doing it to irritate everyone," said Harry Domas. "No artistic quality, and he is doing it to irritate everyone. He doesn't think it is pretty. No artistic quality there. He knows it."

FOX 10's Steve Krafft reports.