People finding ways to relax as election stress continues

Whether it is through prayer or reflection at the Washington National Cathedral or alternative means like CBD, people are seeking to decompress as they brace for a contentious election outcome.

Leaders at the cathedral opened the landmark for the last two days, the first time it has opened since closing because of the pandemic.

2020 Election Results: Interactive electoral college map

Clergy welcomed people to decompress, pray or reflect, leaving politics at the door.

"Coming here was just a euphoric experience, especially with everything that's going on. I was praying about the country," said Erica Clarke.

At Bethesda Hemp and Wellness, owner Andrea Grant says she's been busy with orders as people mention the election as the reason they seek relief for stress and anxiety.

"The [products] most in demand are for sleep as well as for anxiety. Those are the top two sellers the past week," said Grant.

Experts say a good way to manage stress related to the election is to take breaks from coverage.

“Give yourself a couple of times a day to do that. Don’t feel like you have to constantly sit and look at every minute of updates,” said Dr. Drew Pate, Chief of Psychiatry at LifeBridge Health.

Dr. Pate says no matter what the outcome, it is best for everyone to eventually find a way to move forward.