PAY IT FORWARD: Special makeover for tween with alopecia revealed live

‘I like to say we have lows and glows in alopecia. Some days she’s low and sometimes she’s fabulous. Today is a day she will be fabulous." 

Those are the words of Teia Ferguson Maxwell.

Her 11-year-old daughter Khloe has alopecia, an auto immune disease that causes hair loss. We first met Khloe and her mom back in January after Cardi B. sent a wig to her home in Gainsville, Virginia, to help boost her spirit.

Teia says she tries to teach Khloe that beauty is within but it’s also nice to have options like wigs and accessories.

When the Pay It Forward Crew saw how excited and grateful Khloe was to get Cardi B’s creation…they decided to do a little more.

With the help of the talented glam team at DanieNikol Beauty Bar in Greenbelt, Maryland, we surprised her with a salon day. Easterns Automotive Group purchased two wig units and gift cards to Forever21 and Xbox.

Stylist Danielle Easterling customize the units, adding pink streaks, a precision cut, and curls. Bri Price and Kayla Farrar provided age appropriate nails and make-up. 

Khloe whispered "Thank you" as she walked out to the cheers of her friends and family waiting outside the salon.

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