PAY IT FORWARD: Helping those in need amid pandemic

Melanie Oates, founder and Executive Director of Here for a Reason, says she is passionate about helping families with special needs children because she’s had to navigate a seemingly never ending road of challenges herself.

This single mom of twins has a daughter who suffers from a very rare condition that requires around the clock supervision. Early on she had to quit her job and focus on getting resources and help.

Facing the very real possibility of losing her home due to the financial burden this Maryland mom was able to get the help she needed. Oates realized the need for resources and additional support was urgent, so she started the non-profit. 

Wednesday morning the Pay It Forward team got a chance to speak to her about her latest initiative GasGiving 2020.

The goal of the campaign is to raise enough money to purchase gas cards for 100 needy families receiving treatment at Children’s National Medical in Washington, D.C. Easterns Automotive Group donated $2,000 to help the organization reach their goal. 

If you need help with resources or would like to get involved click here.