Pay It Forward: Capital Caring receives free truck to help families in need

A bereavement program is helping families in the DC region every day as they go through the process of losing a loved one.

Capital Caring is an organization based in Northern Virginia that provides care for people with advanced illnesses and bereavement services for families who have suffered a loss.

While Capital Caring is consistently helping others, FOX 5 teamed up with Easterns Automotive Group to lend them a helping hand.

Capital Caring caught our attention when we reported on the Parkland family back in December. Capital Caring was helping the family after it lost a daughter in a terrible car crash in Alabama and were left without a car. The Parklands were struggling to get around and that's when Easterns Automotive Group stepped in and donated a vehicle to the family.

But we didn't want to stop there. FOX 5 and Easterns Automotive Group wanted to help Capital Caring continue its mission to serve their community. When we learned the organization was in need of a truck, Easterns Automotive Group stepped up again and donated a Dodge Ram to Capital Caring.

"We want to help the community that has helped us for 30 years now. We worked with Capital Caring late last year and gave the Parkland family a car and fell in love with the organization, love what they are doing and found out they were in need of a truck and we want to fulfill that need and help them out and keep them going," Joel Bassam with Easterns Automotive Group said.

Capital Caring said the truck will help them deliver supplies to everyone it serves and was just what the organization needed.

"We serve 1,400 patients in the region. We have four in-patient centers scattered throughout the Northern Virginia, District of Columbia and Maryland area," Carolyn Richar, the executive director of Capital Caring explained. "We serve patients of all ages. From newborns through 106, 110, 115-year-old patients."

"So this truck will be going 100 plus miles per day," she continued.

You can learn more about Capital Caring and its mission here.

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