Passengers complain of bedbugs on flights out of Newark airport

Passengers on flights from Newark Liberty International Airport to India are complaining about bed bug infested seats.

In one case this week a family complained their infant was covered in bites and bleeding by the time the 17-hour flight landed in Mumbia.

Pravin Tonsekar tweeted Air India photos of his seat with apparent bed bugs on them.

Air India replied with a comment that it is: "sorry to hear this. Sharing the details with our maintenance team for corrective measures in this regard."

Another passenger tweeted to the airline that his family few out of Newark on July 18 and his wife and three children were covered in bed ug bites all over their body. He asked, "Is this what we paid $10,000 for???"

He says a doctor has prescribed 10 days of medicine on what was supposed to be a vacation for them. Air India also apologized to him in a reply.

A report out of India claims the national owned airline received other complaints about the bugs in business class seats earlier this week.