Pasco Co. teacher surprised during class by Marine son

A third grade teacher in Pasco County got a big surprise today when her son made her classroom his first stop after coming back from a tour overseas.

Marine Sgt. Paul Riggs spent the last two years in Okinawa, Japan. His mom, Paula Riggs had no idea her son had returned from his tour and was in the middle of a lesson, when he appeared in the doorway.

Mrs. Riggs, a third grade teacher at New Port Richey's Schrader Elementary School, was telling her class about an Irish lullaby she sang to her children when they were young. That's when the voice of someone out of view of the camera can be heard saying, "well, let me see. I think we have someone who might remember that."

When Mrs. Riggs turns her attention to the door behind her, she's immediately overcome with surprise. With a huge 'gasp,' she dropped the paper she was holding and threw her hands over her face.

In walked Sgt. Riggs, smiling from ear-to-ear at his mother's reaction. As he walked toward her, he continued the lullaby she was singing to her class. They hugged and between laughs and cries, Mrs. Riggs can be heard saying, "Oh God, I love you!"

Mrs. Riggs' students gathered around to share in the joy of their reunion.