Parents looking for more transparency after threat at Prince George's County school

School officials at William Wirt Middle School found a threat against a teacher, and weapons in a student's backpack, but parents only found out about it from school officials after FOX 5 began investigating.

Two school system sources at the school told FOX 5's Evan Lambert that the student at the school in Riverdale, Md. could be expelled.

The sources told Lambert that officials at the school discovered the threat on Jan. 10.

They also found a BB gun, a knife, and brass knuckles in the student's backpack.

But 20 days later, parents were still in the dark.

"They called me half hour ago to let me know about that situation and it's not good for the parents and also for the kids because it's not safe," said Karina Echevarria, a parent in the school's community.

She was very concerned about learning of the threat so long after the investigation.

In a letter sent to parents on Wednesday, Principal Rhonda Smiley wrote, "I apologize for not informing you about this incident earlier."

The school district hasn't explained why there was such a long delay. Even some school board members see it as extreme.

"That is definitely just far too long and I think it's parents' right and students' right to know what's going on," said Joshua Thomas, a District 2 board member.

Thomas says Prince George's County Schools are typically better about keeping parents informed.

However, FOX 5 has reported on multiple instances in which parents were left the dark - including an investigation into a person making threats against three schools, including Wirt.

Prince George's Police say they did not deem the threat against the teacher credible, but the student is facing weapons charges.

The school district did not respond to a request to interview schools CEO Dr. Monica Goldson about the incident, or about transparency.