Parents in Charles County say school hotline is riddled with issues

Parents in Charles County are saying their students and some teachers have not been able to log on to their classrooms for days.

The Charles County Board of Education says they were having connectivity issues last week at the start of school.

Since then School leaders have implemented a hotline in which parents could call and receive technical support for their issues.

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However, parents have contacted FOX 5 claiming wit times up to 45 minutes long. At times, some parents like Rochel Lehcor say they’ve been hung up on several times.

“That experience was terrible. I gave the hotline a call after I tried to troubleshoot it myself. The first time I called I was on hold for 45 minutes. I got through to a person but they transferred me to another person saying it was a Zoom issue,” says Lehcor. ”I left a voicemail and I never got a call back. So I just called back again during my break and I got hung up on several times.”

School administrators say they understand wait times can be long. They also apologize for anyone with an unsatisfactory experience and say they are working to make sure everyone’s experience is in unison.