Parents call for transparency, preventative measures after 'serious incident' at Wootton High

Some parents are calling for more transparency and preventative measures after a "serious incident" involving football players at Wootton High School this week. 

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Officials say the incident took place inside the locker room but neither police or school officials have said what the incident was. 

Cynthia Simonson, President of the Montgomery County Council of PTA’s, said this incident feels all too familiar to a situation at Damascus High School from a few years ago. 

In that case, several Junior Varsity football players were allegedly sexually assaulted inside the locker room.  

"Obviously puts everybody on a little bit of an edge because that was such a wrenching experience for our community," Simonson said.  

Simonson commended the school for quickly involving police but she questions why school leaders asked students to delete video of the incident.  

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"It is concerning and it’s a little bit surprising that a leader today with all the things that have happened in our community in the last few years would be advising kids to delete what could potentially be evidence," Simonson said. 

School officials did say they sent another message to players telling them not to delete the video. 

FOX 5 also heard from an attorney who represents some of the alleged victims in the Damascus case. He said he believes a crime did happen. 

"Once again we see the culture of concealment and minimization this is a serious matter," Tim Maloney said. "It demands a full law enforcement investigation.  

Maloney says the case should be reviewed by the state's attorney’s office and the principal should be put on administrative leave.

"If these students were instructed by their principal to delete those films, that raises serious issues of obstruction of justice." 


School officials reiterated that police determined no crime happened. 

They say the investigation is now in the hands of MCPS officials for any student disciplinary action and we will know more next week.