Montgomery County police responded to ‘serious incident’ in Wootton varsity football locker room

Montgomery County police have confirmed they responded to what the Thomas S. Wootton High School’s principal described as a "serious incident" involving varsity football players inside a school locker room. 

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Police confirmed they were responding to a reported "assault that was believed to be sexual in nature." 

Neither the police nor the school elaborated on the nature of the incident, but both tell FOX 5 police found no evidence indicating a sexual assault had occurred.

According to police, "no further criminal investigation" is required, and they don’t expect to charge anyone with a crime.

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A source first reached out to FOX 5 about the matter Tuesday evening. FOX 5 was told press will not be allowed to participate in a planned meeting with Wootton High School football families expected to take at the high school 5:30 p.m. Wednesday.

In addition, football practice was canceled.

Wootton’s principal said the matter is being investigated as a "disciplinary issue."

MCPS is also investigating whether the locker room was properly supervised.

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Original information shared with FOX 5 was that players were being directed to delete and not share any cell phone video of this "serious incident." MCPS Spokesperson Chris Cram confirmed another message to the Wootton football community is now directing players to not delete any video. 

The school system is also supposed to be providing psychologists and counselors to "provide support as needed."