Paramedics make diversion so patient can see the ocean

Normally we praise paramedics for their life-saving skills and training. However, an image posted on Facebook by Queensland Ambulance Service in Australia is what has everyone talking. It wasn't about their training. It was their compassion.

According to paramedic Graeme Cooper, he and Danielle Kellan were taking a patient to the local hospital for palliative care "where she was going basically to pass away". While en route, she wished out loud that she could "just be at the beach" instead. reported the paramedics first received permission from their superiors before making a diversion to a cozy spot overlooking Hervey Beach. From there the patient could see the waves, the pier, and even Fraser Island.

"In special cases where end of life stuff is going on ... the contact we have is our last contact ...(we want to) feel good about humans and people and the way they're treated and managed so they get a good feeling," Cooper told reporters. "It's always someone else's father, mother, brother. If I lose my compassion I just won't be in the job."

When Kellan asked the patient what she was thinking, she replied, "I'm at peace, everything is right."

Watch the video to see this beautiful moment.