Outage caused issues for AT&T customers calling 911 in DC area

D.C. officials said a nationwide outage affected 911 calls for AT&T customers Wednesday night.

Authorities around the D.C. region told AT&T customers with emergencies to call alternate phone numbers if they encountered issues calling 911.

- District of Columbia: 202-373-3700, ext. 1
- City of Alexandria: 703-746-4444
- Charles County: 301-609-3499
- Fairfax County: 703-691-2233
- Montgomery County: 301-279-8000
- Prince George's County: 301-352-1243
- Prince William County: 703-792-6500

Law enforcement and government agencies in Texas, Florida and Tennessee also reported they were being affected by the AT&T outage and provided alternate phone numbers to call during an emergency.

At around 10:30 p.m., AT&T said service was restored for wireless customers affected by an issue connecting to 911.