Out-of-town linemen receive send-off in Lakeland

Out-of-town linemen had quite the send-off in Lakeland on Wednesday morning.

Almost all of Lakeland Electric customers have their power restored after Hurricane Irma. As a result, the 138 utility workers who are not from the area left on Wednesday.

A crowd was there for their departure, waving and cheering from the sidewalk as a long line of 50 power trucks left.

As of Wednesday morning, Lakeland Electric said there are still 1,300 customers without power. There are crews in those outage areas, and their goal to have power returned by the end of Wednesday. If a meter or weather head is damaged, it may take longer. Once it is repaired, you are asked to call Lakeland Electric at (863) 834-4248 or (863) 834-9535 to report it.