ONLY ON FOX: Md. man watches package stolen from home live on his phone

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CLARKSBURG, Md. -- A Maryland homeowner could only watch on his phone at work as a brazen thief stole his UPS package right off his front step.

Dominic Sinibaldi was watching his live home surveillance feed that is motion activated.

"[The suspect] casually walks up the stairs, looking like he belongs, like it's his package," said Sinibaldi.

He received an alert notifying him there was movement on his front porch.

"I pulled up the camera just thinking one of my son's friends was coming over to see if he was home and we were watching and both of our jaws literally dropped," Sinibaldi said.

He and his boss watched as a man nonchalantly made his way up the steps and picked up a package delivered roughly an hour earlier.

The package that was taken was a special delivery for his son - a backpack for his first day of kindergarten.

His wife called the police and gave a description of the suspect, his easily identifiable shirt and the minivan he was a passenger in.

A lookout was put out and an officer recognized the man. Two suspects were arrested at a nearby 7-Eleven store.

Once police searched the vehicle, they said they found a number of packages that belonged to Sinibald's neighbors.

"We're very close to [Interstate] 270 and the fact that they left going the opposite direction tells me that they weren't done," Sinibaldi told us.

The quick action by Montgomery County police means Sinibaldi's son will now have his backpack and lunchbox ready for his first day of kindergarten.

"It wasn't a high value item, but it was the principle of stealing something that was for my little boy," said Sinibaldi. "We all work hard for our things and I just don't understand why somebody would just prey upon other people like that."