Officer spends day with boy after no one picks him up from school

A police officer doesn't know what to expect when they respond to a call. But when they arrive, they do all they can to help. Recently, Officer Darryl Robinson of the Green Bay Police Department received a call to an elementary school -- An 8-year-old boy wasn't picked up from school after dismissal.

His mother was incarcerated, and the school had no other family contacts to call. What's worse is it was the boy's birthday. One thing was certain, however, Robinson was not going to let him spend his birthday alone.

So he did the best he could, and took him for a cheeseburger at McDonald's. And because the boy had never been in a squad car before, the pair went for a memorable birthday ride around town. Family was eventually contacted, and the boy was dropped off.

The Green Bay Police Department posted on Facebook, "Thank you to Officer Robinson for taking some extra time to celebrate the child's birthday; we are proud to have him as part of the GBPD team!"

Watch the video to see how the officer made a difference.